Terms and conditions of using our Remittances and Stored Value Transfer Services

  1. Zazi Transfer Pty Ltd may, in certain circumstances, use another Correspondent and or Wallet Provider’s eco system to make the payment.
  2. A Correspondent and or Wallet Provider may charge commissions, fees, or other charges in making the payment to the beneficiary’s account and or Wallet Locator. Those commissions, fees or charges will either be deducted by the Correspondent from the funds paid to beneficiary’s account or passed on to us.
  3. Where the deduction is made, the beneficiary will receive less than the payment amount specified in your instructions.
  4. Funds transferred overseas by us should be available for Payment to the beneficiary’s account within a reasonable time from us accepting your instructions.
  5. Whilst all reasonable measures will be taken to ensure that your monies have been remitted with care, that one or more intermediaries are involved in this process of transferring monies, we will not be liable for any costs, losses, or damages if a delayed payment occurred and or not deliverable at all whilst our employees have acted in good faith on your instructions. We limit our liability to a maximum of refund of your proceeds paid in as soon as we receive an intimation from our correspondents that a payment to the contrary is not affected on the other end.
  6. We collect, store and conduct, screening for international and cross-border national sanctions and for any information that might classify our customers into an increased risk, you warrant that by you signing this terms and condition automatically consent to such procedures, this includes that we may engage third parties to or make use of external systems and subscribed capabilities to complete these obligations.
  7. You warrant that you would make reasonable attempt to update or let us know any change to your personal information, including name, address, nationality, Identification documents like Drivers Licence and contact details, you also warrant that you would let us know when you move out of your current residence to an overseas location for an extended period other than holidays.
  8. We may record the IP addresses of the devices you use to conduct transactions with us to both protect your assets and identification from being stolen and to deter any unlawful transactions to happen from your account.
  9. To be compliant with the regulatory framework that is in effect and the amendments, issuance of circulars, release of guidelines and change in interpretations in the legislative and or regulatory framework may put us in a position to effect stricter controls and adherence to further checks to make sure that our associates, our customers, and their beneficiaries do not misuse our channels for any unlawful purposes.
  10. We may contact you and or the beneficiary to confirm your instructions or requiring further clarity on your identity, collect information on the source of funds, legitimacy of the destination of final credit and may ask you to undertake further actions in relation to this transaction.
  11. In some limited circumstances, we may be able to stop or cancel a transfer of funds. Where it is applicable, we may not be able to provide complete information about the circumstances of refusal of the transaction or asset freezing in compliance with the tipping off provisions that we are bound by.
  12. You agree to provide all information to us; that are required for us to reasonably comply with any law in force in Australia and New Zealand or any other country, and we will incur no liability to you if a transaction is held by a government agency in its course of enforcing any legislation that governs this remittance in Australia and New Zealand and or overseas.
  13. You agree to pay or authorise us to deduct government levies we may incur in course of fulfilling our legislative obligations and or across the border if not paid in advance, from the amount remitted.
  14. You agree that we may disclose any information that you provide where required by any law enforcing agency in Australia and New Zealand and or any other country unless you have disclosed to us that you are acting in a trustee capacity or on behalf of another party, you warrant.